Crown Real Estate & Funding offers

residential & commercial mortgage services

throughout California.

We are licensed loan consultants / originators, and professional loan associates with proven results and years of experience to solve almost all situations. We will work diligently for you, and accomplish getting your loan in an efficient and timely manner. We will use my resources to handle difficult situations and bring them to a successful conclusion.

We have associates who can work with people, who communicate in Chinese Mandarin. We are knowledgeable about all Chinese culture and business practices.

Our goal is your satisfaction!

List of Programs

  • Conventional Loans - 30 year, 20 year, 15 year, 10 year,...

  • FHA

  • VA

  • Rehab Loans

  • ARM(Adjustable Rate Mortgage) Loans - 10/1, 7/1, 5/1, 3/1

  • Interest Only Loans

  • Reverse Mortgage for people over 62 years

  • Low Doc Loans(No Tax Return is Required) with 30% Down or Equity

  • Using 12 months bank statements to determine the income

  • Hard Money

  • Loans with Fico score of 500 or more

  • Loans with using Verification of Employment(VOE) - No Tax Return or Pay-stubs is required

  • Qualifying buyers with future income(as long as start date is 90 days from note)

  • Using Border Income to Qualify (rental income from guest house, rooms,...)

  • Foreign National Loans with 30% down payment • Jumbo Loans up to $20 Million

  • Commercial Loans(SBA, Apartment building, ...) in all 50 states

  • Always closing ON TIME

  • Pre qualifying letters



Why Us?

  • Government Approved

  • A+ Rating

  • User-Friendly Loan Process • Low Wholesale Rates

  • Fast Results (I can close in 21 days!)








我是一名执照的专业房地产贷款经纪人,我们公司有着20年的贷款经验。而我个人是一个工作效率极高的贷款经纪人。我可以在21 天内完成一笔交易。而且贷款成功率极高。希望能够帮助更多人买到你们梦想中的房子。




See What My Clients Have to Say About Us

The service I received could not have been better...
— Glen Bell
Thank you Hong. You closed a difficult loan in 21 days. It is amazing!
— Shervin Yadidi
Thank you Hong. You closed my $1 Million loan in 21 days!!!
— Nick Suwandi


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