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We bring professionalism, creativity, financial knowledge, passion and a fun partnership to help you realize your vision.  It is our goal to provide superior service to our clients, by finding the right residential or commercial property for them. 

We are knowledgeable in residential and commercial real estate.  We help you buy your dream luxury home as a primary residence or an investment property.  We can help you sell your current property quickly and for the maximum dollar amount. We can also help you purchase that perfect commercial project, large or small.  With our network of developers and builders we can also help purchase that piece of land and build that home or commercial project that was a dream only a few years ago and now is reality.

If you list your home with us, we will properly advertise it and assist you in selling it.  We have photographers and videographers to take the perfect pictures of your home and, if necessary, we can help with staging your property to bring out all of the finer points that will help us sell your house faster.  We will make sure your open houses bring in qualified prospective buyers so your house will sell quickly and you will have a positive experience. We will prequalify your prospective buyers with our loan officers so there are no problems with financing.  

Our team has professionals from different backgrounds.  We have realtors who were CPAs for many years. Our varied experience will help us guide you to the right professional to get the advice you need, whether it be using the tax benefits of owning commercial property, accomplishing a 1031 Exchange, maximizing the depreciation deduction with a cost segregation survey, etc.  We use architects, building designers and developers to make your dreams come true.

Our realtors have negotiated the sale of their clients to public companies.  If you can sell a company to DuPont, you can sell a luxury residence, an apartment building, a shopping mall or mixed-use piece of property that you have helped to create and you can sell it at the right price, the maximum price for the client.  We create a partnership with our clients to make your dreams come true. Did you know that for very little down payment and a reasonable monthly payment you could own a home, and get the benefits of home ownership, like appreciation? You can get into a home with a number of loan programs that will allow you to qualify for either no down payment or a very low-down payment. Your down payment could be as low as 1%, 3%, 5% or 10%.  Our loan originators are true professionals with years of experience. There is not a loan that we cannot do. We work with different lenders so we can find the right loan program for you whether it be a residential or commercial project.

Our realtors don’t just look at things as they are and buy it or sell it.  We look at the possibilities of any project to see what it can become and maximize the return on investment for our clients and partners.  You see, we work with you to bring a project to fruition. We are a team with you and use creativity and we want your input. The most important thing we can do for you is to listen to your needs, wants and desires and come as close as humanly possible to achieving something special.

At CROWN REAL ESTATE & FUNDING, INC. we do it all for you.  We assist you in buying, selling and financing your property.  You will save a lot of time. 


We are always looking for experienced realtors and loan originators to work with us in achieving our clients’ needs.  Our splits are generous to attract the best of the best. If you have no or little experience, we will start you out in the industry but only if you show the potential, drive, initiative and passion.  You have to be a quick study and you will do very well.


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